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  • Freedom to work outside the office.
  • No lease or landlord.
  • Great hours (no nights or weekends.
  • The independence of being your own boss.
  • Training in the latest techniques and technology.
  • Full support from your inside team.
  • Medical products that people need and are required by law.

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“I purchased a franchise with the assistance of Anne Barr and I am very happy with my choice.  Anne, a local franchise consultant, was essential in helping guide me through the franchise research and selection process.  Her experience in the franchise industry added to my comfort level and allowed me to make an informed decision without feeling pressured or overwhelmed."
- Kelly F. – New Franchise Buyer



What is it that attracts more and more people to become business owners? What happens to
bring that Entrepreneurial spirit to the forefront?

Not only do Entrepreneurs embody the American Dream, they drive our economy and our future.

Today’s corporate mergers create additional opportunities for many to take the “big step” into
business ownership.  More and more talented individuals in the 40-60 age group are finding
great difficulty in their search to replace the position and income they enjoyed in their previous
employment.  What are these “breadwinners” to do when they are too young to retire and many
have one or more children in college?  A high percentage will seriously look into business

As increasing numbers seriously explore business ownership, assuming they are qualified
financially, we find the largest roadblock to be….RISK.

R – Research = Reward
I  -  Insecurity with volatile job market
S -  Success is Not Guaranteed
K – Knowledge and Self Confidence to build an asset

Obviously, there are no guarantees.  Of course, running a business takes talent and skill.
Reducing the risk is accomplished by research and due diligence.  As with any major decision
in life, an individual will at first emotionally buy the business, then justify with the facts.  The fear
factor is rationalized by the confidence a person has in his/her transferable skills and the vision
to build something……an asset to pass on to the next generation, put a manager in place and
back away when the time is right, or even sell when they choose.

It’s all about timing.  I met many of my clients over a year ago.  Sometimes people will interview
for jobs and look into business ownership at the same time.  You can’t give 100% effort by
going down two paths at once.  Occasionally, a client will take a position that is less than
preferred, because the frustration of the search has taken its toll.  However, when they are
downsized AGAIN, they decide the timing is right to end the job insecurity by moving forward into
business ownership.  No glass ceilings, no corporate agendas, no corporate politics…..simply
more independence and a chance to control their destiny…..a chance to build something by
working for “self” rather than someone else.

The American Dream – is it in your future?

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