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  • Freedom to work outside the office.
  • No lease or landlord.
  • Great hours (no nights or weekends.
  • The independence of being your own boss.
  • Training in the latest techniques and technology.
  • Full support from your inside team.
  • Medical products that people need and are required by law.

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“I purchased a franchise with the assistance of Anne Barr and I am very happy with my choice.  Anne, a local franchise consultant, was essential in helping guide me through the franchise research and selection process.  Her experience in the franchise industry added to my comfort level and allowed me to make an informed decision without feeling pressured or overwhelmed."
- Kelly F. – New Franchise Buyer



Akin to the sports mantra “Are You Ready For Some Football?” the similarities are very

The NFL football franchises definitely operate successful business enterprises.  They are
constantly trying to improve their marketing and advertising to attract not only the loyal
fan, but the epitome of fans – the “raving fan.”

As franchise business owners, we are all seeking these same fans.  We want the loyal,
repeat customers who would recommend us when asked.  The “coup de grace,” however,
is the “raving fan” that’s a loyal fan plus tells everyone they know how wonderful we are
and how each person is somehow missing out if they don’t seek out the product/service from

It’s a feeling of belonging – to a large group with common goals.  A sense of camaraderie
that touches our competitive spirit.  Just as in football, there’s a game plan or system.  As
long as we follow the system we have a much greater chance of winning the game

What is success?  Moving closer to the trophy?  Maybe that’s achieving your financial
goals -  or having more control and independence – not being concerned about job
insecurity – or even increasing your assets/net worth in preparation for retirement. 
Whatever the “trophy” is for you, is it worth going after?  Half the excitement and
satisfaction may just be the journey (game) itself.

What happens if you don’t get the trophy?  Will you keep striving for it?  Will you be
satisfied with the job market (your position) and where you “fit” in the hierarchy
(rankings)?  Since the road to success is always “under construction,” we are challenged,
rewarded, road blocked, detoured and even stopped in our tracks.  We encounter lack of
total preparation, carelessness, bad habits, procrastination, wrestling with our own ego,
personality conflicts and yet, somehow we manage to move forward.

Therefore, I pose this question:  Is there an end to the road?  Our success starts and ends
with us.  We are the coach and the quarterback.  We assemble the right team, develop the
plays (system), support the people (players) we’ve put in key positions and work the

For most of us, the journey never ends until we die; however, all the failures and successes
along the way help us achieve our financial goals and grow personally.  Determining if you
are ready for a franchise could easily be a “defining moment” in your life.

Are you ready for a franchise?

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