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  • Freedom to work outside the office.
  • No lease or landlord.
  • Great hours (no nights or weekends.
  • The independence of being your own boss.
  • Training in the latest techniques and technology.
  • Full support from your inside team.
  • Medical products that people need and are required by law.

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“I purchased a franchise with the assistance of Anne Barr and I am very happy with my choice.  Anne, a local franchise consultant, was essential in helping guide me through the franchise research and selection process.  Her experience in the franchise industry added to my comfort level and allowed me to make an informed decision without feeling pressured or overwhelmed."
- Kelly F. – New Franchise Buyer



What motivates someone to take a closer look at a business opportunity?  Did the business
or franchise “sizzle” evoke some interest?  Big companies spend millions appealing to our
senses and emotional attachments to their products or services. Remember the last Super
Bowl ads or the “Got Milk” ads?

Business/Franchise opportunities touch us in a similar fashion. Not only do we yearn to be
our own boss, want more independence and control, and have a desire to build something
– maybe to build an empire….we really like the taste of the food, the smell of the coffee,
the feeling we get after working out, the IDEA of doing something on our own….that
Entrepreneur in us begins to blossom.

Once we’re hooked emotionally, we are moved to take a closer look in order to glean the
necessary information to further explore.  As this justification/rationalization process
evolves, we meet our three best friends:  Fear, Worry, and Doubt.  These three “friends”
work to keep us from making mistakes, but in doing so they often prevent us from
achieving our dreams.

Fear – is it fear of failure or fear of success?

Worry – it’s a big step. Do you have all your bases covered?

Doubt – Do we have concerns about the business model or do we doubt our ability to be
successful in an industry that is unfamiliar? 

Taking a closer look helps dispel the myths, deal with the ambushes from family, friends,
neighbors and the self ambush. Many people destroy their own dreams of business 
ownership by misunderstanding the difference between casual inquiry and real research 
and due diligence.

The best source for taking a closer look are the people working the business/franchise
every day. These folks are living their dream.  They will share with you the good, the bad
and the ugly.  You need all of the above to make an intelligent decision to move forward
with business ownership or not.  And, if the decision is not to move forward, at least you
took a closer look and you will never again wonder.

It’s all about finding the “right fit”.  It’s about getting the facts.   It’s about achieving your
personal and financial goals.

Are you living your dream?

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