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utstanding New Yogurt Franchise Opportunity!  This yogurt franchise offers more than the normal Yogurt store.  Colorful, creative and has differences that make it stand out in the industry!

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“After 20+ years in Corporate America, I made the decision that I was going to start my own business or buy a franchise within 18 months.  As a result, I was committed to finding the “right” person – one that I could really trust – to help me transition into the entrepreneurial world.  After interviewing several business brokers and franchise consultants, I was introduced to Anne Barr of Venture Opportunities, Inc. by a very good friend who purchased a franchise thru her in 2005.  I found Anne to be a refreshing change, to say the least, from the other business or franchise brokers that I had been introduced to previously.  Anne’s screening process was very thorough and allowed me to sift thru hundreds of opportunities and focus on the ones that really matched my personality and goals.  Within 7 months, Anne and I had carefully evaluated approximately 15 franchises and businesses and I finally selected Mr. Handyman!  It was the perfect match for me and we opened “Mr. Handyman of the Park Cities” on Monday, October 30, 2006!  I would highly recommend Anne to anyone who is considering making a career transition so she can assist you with the process."
- David S. – New Franchise Buyer



Naturally, most Entrepreneur’s seek an opportunity that allows them to build a wonderful
enterprise appealing to the masses with the most fabulous “can’t live without it” product or

Obviously, this enterprise could be a start-up, existing business or a franchise.  Start-ups
are of interest because you can do it “your way” and have that control we all desire.
However, the Entrepreneur typically doesn’t have the patience to put all the applications of
the idea into action.  As the idea materializes, the details and application steps sometimes
get lost in the grandiose plan and future pacing of the Entrepreneur.

Existing business acquisitions can often provide the Entrepreneur with a platform upon
which to build his/her empire.  Purchasing a “stream of income” can jumpstart the process
and sometimes accelerate the growth curve. Finding the right one can be tedious, time
consuming and difficult to negotiate.  The occasional “oh, by the way” surprises can be
jolting and cause severe headaches!

Entrepreneurs wish to control their own destiny.  Captain their own ship.  Is this Utopia?
Perhaps, but more accurately the drive to create something that is useful and/or desired by
the produce a reasonable and expected ROI and to exceed predicted growth
(multiple locations, linear growth, new market channels, diversification of product or

The Franchise Model…

Some Entrepreneurs prefer to form their own business model. Others gravitate to a proven
concept like the business format franchise model.  Particularly for the entrepreneur who
has never owned a business before…..the franchise model provides a stepping stone to
achieving the “golden ring”.   Master Franchises are a good example.
Now here’s a REAL entrepreneur’s dream.  Master Franchises have been touted as the
“Best Kept Secret in Franchising Today”.

The Master franchise concept allows the Entrepreneur to:

  • Have the largest territory offered by franchisors
  • Create expanded income generation
  • Build equity in the business at a faster pace
  • Act as a consultant to the franchisees in your territory, helping them to succeed

So, why aren’t more franchisors using this concept as a way to expand more expediently?

  • Because the concept is relatively new
  • Because some franchise attorneys do not favor this model
  • Franchisor is not willing to share the fees and royalties

The Business Format Franchise model is more popular than ever.  Considering there are
5,000 franchises spanning approximately 80 industries, it is safe to say the franchise
industry is exploding with growth.  Franchise “fever” is definitely prevalent and

Many of my clients are casualties of corporate mergers.  Some find they are overqualified
or too old for rehire, especially when corporate America prefers the recent college grad. 
Forget about experience and knowledge gained from years of product knowledge,
management and leadership……it’s all about money $.

Yes, there are many Entrepreneurs lurking in the carnage of today’s Mergers and
Acquisitions battlefields.  So what are these guys and gals doing in their next career path?
You’d be surprised how many are considering business ownership.  It beats the rejection
and demoralization of the job hunt for those 45 and older.

Perhaps your next career path is a business format franchise.  Area Development or Master
Franchise anyone?

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