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  • Freedom to work outside the office.
  • No lease or landlord.
  • Great hours (no nights or weekends.
  • The independence of being your own boss.
  • Training in the latest techniques and technology.
  • Full support from your inside team.
  • Medical products that people need and are required by law.

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“Without Anne and David Barr, I would not have bought my first business.  They understand that every buyer has different needs in order to complete each deal.  They go above and beyond in meeting the buyer's needs in getting the contract signed and closed.  An example of this is when they spent a Friday evening driving around town gathering signatures, making sure the contract got signed.  It was a very difficult transaction due to the extensive negotiations required. To this day, I am still amazed at how they got the deal completed.  If the seller had chosen another broker, the seller would still be trying to sell the business.  I am now working on buying a second and third business through Anne and David.  They have been instrumental in assisting me in this process as well--They know what it takes for a buyer to secure financing, and assist in getting the required paperwork to the lender.  If I ever decide to sell my business, I know where I am going for my broker."
- Wesley H. – Franchise Buyer




What should I consider before buying a franchise?
  • Costs
  • Your Abilities
  • Demand and Competition
  • Training and Support
  • Franchisor’s Experience
  • Expansion Plans
  • What is a Franchise Disclosure Document?
  • The Franchise Disclosure Document, formerly known as the UFOC, is a legal document that must be provided by the franchisor to the prospective franchisee at least 14 calendar days before any agreement of sale is signed and finalized. This legal document is intended to provide prospective franchisees with enough information to help them make an educated decision about buying the franchise.
What are the key items in the Franchise Disclosure Document?
  • Initial Investment
  • Franchisor’s Obligations
  • Franchisee’s Obligations
  • Renewal, termination, transfers and dispute resolution
  • Financial representations
  • List of Franchisees – Present & Past
  • Financial statements
How can a franchise consultant or specialist help me?
  • Help you determine if you are a candidate for business ownership
  • Focus on finding the "right fit" for you
  • Offer personality profiling and a process to discover types of businesses for which you
    would be a good fit
  • Inform you of industry trends and "niche" opportunities you might not find on your own
  • You will probably never pick from a list what could be the "perfect" business for you
  • Assist you in the research phase by offering possible questions to ask the franchisor and
    the franchisees
  • offer references for other professionals you may need in your quest for
    business/franchise ownership (for example, franchise attorneys and people or
    companies that can assist you in accessing your 401K money without interest or penalty)
How much does it cost to work with a consultant?

There is no charge to work with a franchise consultant or specialist.

If I work with a franchise consultant, do I end up paying a higher franchise fee?

You will pay the same franchise fee regardless of the involvement of a franchise consultant.

If I go directly to the franchise, will they negotiate the franchise fee because I didn’t use a franchise consultant?

No.  Franchise fees are not negotiable.  They will not charge you a lower fee for going directly
to the franchise.

How does a franchise consultant get paid?

Franchise consultants are paid by the franchisor to find qualified candidates for their
opportunity.  Consultants get paid much like a recruiter.  When we find a good fit between a
franchisor and a potential franchisee…it is a win-win situation for everyone!

Wouldn’t it be easier to look on the Internet and get a list of available franchises?

You can get lists of franchises off the Internet but it can be overwhelming with all of the
opportunities available.  A franchise consultant can help narrow the field and only show you
opportunities that will be a good fit for you and are available in the area in which you are

How much money do I need to buy a franchise?

Typically, you will need about $50,000 cash and the rest can be financed. 


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